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First Canadian Approved (MDEL) Computerized Cognitive Test!

Dec 21, 2020 3:54:48 PM / by Cognivue posted in Brain Health, Cognitive Testing, About Cognivue, Cognition


Victor, New York, December 21, 2020

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Introducing The Cognivue Blog

Nov 5, 2019 10:06:57 AM / by Tom O'Neill posted in Brain Health, Early Detection, Cognitive Testing, About Cognivue


Hi. My name is Tom O’Neill, President and CEO of Cognivue, an innovative healthcare company with an FDA-Cleared computerized test of cognitive function.
Over the last two years, my team and I have been committed to raising the standard for cognitive testing/screening. With the knowledge we've gained, connections we've made, and growing presence and influence we're building across medical and health care, we're excited to announce our new blog.
We intend to post often to the blog, sharing the expertise related to cognitive testing and function of our own people at Cognivue. We'll also summarize and share breaking news, announcements, and innovation across the industries and verticals where Cognivue is helping to elevate the importance of cognitive testing, brain health, and early detection.
Along with the blog, we've been hard at work building the Cognivue presence across social media. We now have active and engaging company profiles on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You'll find more links to relevant content there, and also find us out in the community or at industry events helping to spread the word about cognitive health, and more.
You're invited to like or follow us on any of these social channels, or sign up to receive our blog updates in your email inbox (upper right of this page).
Thank you for joining us on Cognivue's journey to improved cognitive health for all!
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