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Introducing Cognivue Clarity and Cognivue Thrive

Mar 11, 2020 4:11:16 PM / by Cognivue

Today at Cognivue, we’re pleased to announce the release of our two newest cognitive testing solutions in ​Cognivue Clarity ​and ​Cognivue Thrive, providing early testing for proactive intervention. Both are based on our FDA-cleared technology and protected by 17 patents.

Cognivue Clarity and Cognivue Thrive represent two unique product offerings on a smaller, portable platform. They were intuitively designed to eliminate testing variables. They are portable, battery powered and WiFi enabled so that information can be shared through a HIPPA cloud database improving overall workflow. Our innovative technology has already made an impact across several healthcare channels as well as employer health and wellness.

Cognivue Clarity: Bringing Clarity to Cognitive Testing 

clarityCognivue Clarity is a comprehensive, self-administered 10-minute cognitive assessment for physicians. It is simple to implement in a medical practice and was designed to fit into the workflow of a busy practice. Cognivue Clarity evaluates six (6) cognitive domains: visuospatial, executive function/attention, naming/language, memory, delayed recall and abstraction. It also measures two speed performance parameters: reaction time and speed processing. Cognivue Clarity provides a series of easy-to-interpret reports which includes a patient report, physician report, performance parameter report, and physician information page. 

Cognivue Clarity allows physicians to evaluate cognitive health when it matters. 

Cognivue Thrive: Driving Cognitive Performance at All Ages 

thriveCognivue Thrive expands our clinical services into a non-physician setting. Cognivue Thrive adds efficiency to the Cognivue experience, delivering a baseline cognitive screening and personalized report in just five-minutes. Cognivue Thrive evaluates three cognitive domains: Visuospatial, Executive Function, and Memory; along with reaction time and speed processing. 

Cognivue Thrive focuses on optimizing cognitive performance in our daily lives, and has been well received in retail pharmacies, employee wellness events and programs, and specialty areas such as audiology and optometry. 

Cognivue Clarity and Cognivue Thrive are adjunctive tools for evaluating cognitive function. They are not stand-alone diagnostic tools. Clinical contextualization is required. 

You’re invited to review more specifications, sample reports, and connect with our team to explore Cognivue Clarity​ and Cognivue ​Thrive​ on ​our new website​.


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