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Cognivue Featured on Lifetime TV

Dec 16, 2020 9:54:43 AM / by Cognivue

Did you see us on TV? We were excited to have Cognivue® Thrive™ featured during a recent segment on The Balancing Act airing on Lifetime TV.  Featuring Cognivue audiologists Dr. Heidi Hill and Dr. Jill Davis, the program addressed the importance of cognitive screening and the role of

audiology in promoting a healthy brain.


During the 7-minute segment, Dr. Hill discussed her own practice experience with Cognivue. She explained, “Cognitive screening has allowed me to change the way that I counsel patients, from just focusing on hearing loss and hearing aids to really the whole auditory system which is ear to brain, which most people don’t understand. It allows patients to really connect those dots between what’s going on cognitively, and what’s going on in the real world.”


Evidence shows that maintaining a healthy lifestyle, including healthy hearing, is key to reducing one’s risk of cognitive decline. In fact, a recent report identifies hearing loss as the #1 modifiable risk factor for dementia.1  This is why audiologists are on the front lines for identifying early signs of concern, and working with the patient and their loved ones to develop a mitigation strategy, including hearing correction and appropriate healthcare referrals.


Tom O’Neill, CEO of Cognivue, believes the future is promising as patients and clinicians become more aware and proactive about cognitive health.  He says, “We are excited to see Cognivue taking off in the audiology setting. There is a groundswell of support in the academic, research, and clinical settings to enhance patient care by incorporating cognitive hearing science into clinical practice. Cognivue is committed to supporting that effort by offering an innovative device and comprehensive training resources to facilitate the implementation of cognitive screening in audiologic patient care.”


Cognivue Thrive is ideal for the audiologic setting because it is simple to administer and easily incorporates into existing patient workflow. Fully-computerized and self-administered by the patient, Cognivue can be completed in 5-10 minutes and results are automatically generated and available immediately. A wealth of resources are available to clinicians to guide patient counseling and best practices for incorporating the findings into patient care models.


Driving home the importance of a healthy lifestyle, Dr. Davis reminds us, “Early detection is key, so we want to catch (cognitive decline) as soon as we can. That means a hearing test and cognitive screening as a first step.”


Check out the full Balancing Act segment below. Cognivue also has resources available to help you promote the Balancing Act segment on your own website:




© Cognivue Inc. 2020. Cognivue Thrive is based on FDA-cleared technology and should be considered an adjunctive screening tool, not diagnostic. Reference: 1. Livingston G, Huntley J, Sommerlad A et al. Dementia prevention, intervention, and care: 2020 report of the Lancet Commission. The Lancet. 2020;396(10248):413-446.


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